Oh my soul where is your faith -Rebekah Dawn

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Oh My Soul – Rebekah Dawn Feat. Mary Monari (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Oh my soul, where is your faith?

Where is your hope?

Why are you troubled?

Why are you worried

And anxiously trying to figure out

All that’s to come?


Oh my soul, why do you doubt?
Why do you fear?
Where is your song?
Why aren’t you singing
And thankfully giving Him praise

For all that’s to come?


Has He ever failed you?

Has He ever left you?

Has He ever spoken a promise and not made it good?

He never has, He never will, He never would

Look back and remember
All that you ever thought was your loss
Has been only gain
He will do it again

He can do it again!

Oh my soul, why do you fear?

Why can’t you surrender?

Where is your trust?
Why aren’t you willingly choosing
To follow Him into
All that’s to come?


Oh my soul, why do you hold back?
Why do you reason?

Haven’t you seen that in every season

He’s been there
And still now He’s with you

In all that’s to come?

Isn’t He faithful?
Can you not trust Him?

Isn’t He kind and all that He’s allowed
Has always worked for good?


You can’t even imagine
My soul, you can’t even fathom
All that He has planned and all that’s in store

For His promise is true and His Word is secure


So let faith rise over your fear
Remind yourself of all the years
You have seen His hand
He has brought you through
And even though this is hard
This is nothing new

He is here, He’s always been
It’s just your fear
Silence it then you will see

It’s just shadows of death
But He’s not finished yet
And come what may, His word will stay

Oh my soul…see all He’s done
Oh my soul…remember, He’s won

Oh my soul…His kindness remains

Oh my soul…lift up your praise

The story’s not over
He isn’t finished

“Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus
Just to take Him at His word
Just to rest upon His promise

And to know, thus saith the Lord

Jesus, Jesus

How I trust Him

How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er
Jesus, Jesus
Precious Jesus
Oh, for grace to trust Him more

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