Aur Kya Maangu Tujhse Aye Khuda

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Aur Kya Maangu Tujhse Aye Khuda
Jab Tune Khudko He De Diya
Aur Kya Chahu Tujhse Aye Khuda
Jab Tune Aapna Praan De Diya

Jo Krus Tha Uthna Mujhe, Woh Tune Le Liya
Jo Dard Tha Sehna Mujhe, Woh Tune Seh Liya

Mere Papon Ko Kshama Kar Tune
Naya Jeewan Mujhe De Diya
Mere Doshon Ko Mita Kar Tune
Mujhe Dhanya Kar Diya

Ab Main Daroonga Nahi, Tu Jo Kahe Karoonga Wahi
Teri Sitaish Main Karun
Jo Kuch Hai Tune Kiya, Kaafi Woh Mere Liye
Jeeoonga Ab Tere Liye

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

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